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Rolling Road

Since installing our Engine Dyno in 2002 we have seen an increasing demand for a Rolling Road to complement this service. Our state of the art Dynocom rolling road will land in the UK mid January and we hope to have the installation complete towards the end of January.

Dynocom 7500 Rolling Road

The 7500 series has a single 24 inch roller and is capable of supporting speeds up to 200+ MPH and 7500 ft lbs of torque. The maximum axle weight is 6,500 lbs and the track width range is 0"-86". Our 7500 series chassis dyno has an eddy brake for steady state testing, which can support an additional 500 HP. The 7500 has the largest bearings in its class. The 7500 was designed for a variety of different testing scenarios FWD/RWD Drag Cars, Sport Compacts, Diesel Trucks, Motorcycles and ATV's. The eddy brake loading feature enables acceleration, step, sweep and steady-state tests.

  • View in real-time torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you've made to the engine's fuel or timing maps.
  • Diagnose engine and drivetrain problems.
  • Troubleshoot drivability issues. (Link to
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