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Our fully computerised Engine Dyno allows us to run in set up an engine with absolute confidence that the full potential and reliability of the engine will be realised.

Proper running in of an engine is very important if problems such as glazed bores are to be avoided, our computer software can tailor throttle and load control to suit each individual engine.

This test facility is also available for hire, contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our "Land-and-sea" Dyno can run engines up to 800Hp and 12,000rpm, yet still measure very accurate Torque figures on low Hp engines as low as 15 Hp. Data logging of 28 channels constantly measures Pressure, Temperature and Humidity and corrects "real time" figure to STD, SAE, DIN, ECE, etc.

Our powerful Pro software can perform step tests and Inertia compensation means that we can carry out very accurate sweep tests. Contact us for test cell hire or we can run your engine for you, we are happy to have engine builders and owners present during tests. Re-mapping services also available.

250F Maserati Engine 250F Maserati Engine

Austin 7 Engine Austin 7 Engine

V16 Cadillac Engine 250F Maserati Engine



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