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Engine Development
If you have a car whether it be pre or post war, that needs an engine re-build, chassis-up restoration or anything in-between, we have the expertise & knowledge to do a first class job. All engines are run-in on our Dynamometer to ensure optimum outputs.

We can offer a development package in which your engine would be analysed on our Engine Simulation Software. This allows parameters such as port flow rates or camshaft profiles, for example, to be tried without even lifting a spanner! We can then alter your engines characteristics to suit your particular requirements.
Any gas flow work on heads can be accurately tested on our Superflow flow bench. This combined with a correctly selected camshaft and a compression ratio to match will definitely yield Hp and mid range Torque.
Billet cranks and forged con-rods and pistons can be supplied for any engine, contact us for details.
When the engine is back in the car, we can test your car on a rolling road to test for any installation issues.
Billet Cranks Engine Blueprinting and Forged Conrods
Lamda Gas Analysis Gas Flowed Heads
Polished Heads
Blueprinted Vintage Car Engines Polished Heads
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